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We are oriented towards growing organic bio-certified essential-oil crops that might also be applied in medicine. Our philosophy aims at getting closer to nature through using traditional and environmentally friendly ways of growing essential oil plants in order to get the highest quality of our end product. A top priority for us is being able to offer our products to customers who respect nature and act responsibly towards preserving its wonders.


Our company is not oriented towards meeting the demands of the mass market; on the contrary—we produce a limited series of high-quality, unique products. Therefore, we pay great attention to necessary details to make sure that our product packaging design looks simple and romantic. We offer boutique products with a touch of handmade elements and the fragrance of the most exquisite lavender. Our products make perfect presents for your close friends or special acquaintances, as well as for your family or business partners.


The use of new equipment in the production process guarantees business continuity and expected high results.

Our production and storage facilities are specially designed to ensure high performance, flawless hygienic conditions and impeccable quality.

We are very ‘leave no trace’ and local-community contentious, employing people living in the villages near sites where we grow lavender. In this way, we contribute to our workers families' well-being, and local people return the favour by tending the crops with love and attention.


We accept making people happy and satisfied as our mission. And we help you improve your health and wellness, while also showing you how to appreciate nature's power and generosity through having great experience with its lavender miracles.




Our lavender fields are included in the Natura 2000 network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union. Part of our fields are surrounded by deciduous forests, some of them lie at the foot of cliffs full of virgin caves, and others offer an amazing panoramic view of picturesque rivers or lakes. Bulgaria offers natural beauty, abundant sunlight and unique climate. In combination with carefully picked sites for growing lavender, these factors lead to our final products' high quality.

The soil where we grow our essential-oil crops has been kept pure for a long time without being treated with pesticides, manure or insecticides. A guarantee for our products' organic origin is completely assured. Our earned certification is from the German authority CERES that strictly monitors the production process of Lavender farming, performed by Martina Organic.


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